PETA Threatened to Violently Disrupt Church Pig Roast

A recent story about a threatened protest by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals continued PETA’s foray into open advocacy of “direct action” with Bruce Friedrich threatening to overturn tables at a church fundraiser if the church did not cave in to PETA’s demands.

Hibernia United Methodist Church in West Brandywine Township, Pennsylvania, planned a September pig roast as a fund raiser. Friedrich responded that the roasting a pig was not a Christian thing to do.

Friedrich told The Philadelphia Inquirer that PETA had offered to ship meat-free items, but that if the pig roast when on as planned,

. . . in good Christian tradition, we will probably bear witness of some sort . . . although I wouldn’t rule out turning over tables.

Hmmm . . . do as PETA says or risk having thugs like Friedrich show up to overturn tables. Sounds an awful lot like extortion, doesn’t it?


Activists to church: Serve vegetarian menu or else. Sandy Bauers, The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 19, 2002.

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