PETA Takes "Breast Is Best" Billboard to Ottawa

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had difficulty finding a place for its Jesus-inspired breast milk billboard, so it has taken its show on the road to Ottawa, Canada.

The billboard features an image of Mary breast feeding Jesus with the text, “If it was good enough for Jesus . . . The breast is best.”

According to Bruce Friedrich,

People need to realize that if they are drinking dairy products they are supporting animal cruelty . . . With all of our campaigns, including this one, we are trying to focus on the downside of animal products. In this case that feeding cow’s milk is linked to all of the ailments that plague infants.

Is Friedrich really that stupid? Doesn’t he know that almost nobody gives infants cow’s milk because parents know their digestive systems aren’t developed enough for it? Has he missed the rows of powdered formula present in most supermarkets?

As Dawn Walker, executive director of the Canadian Institute of Health, told The Ottawa Citizen,

“But for the majority of kids, milk is one of the basic food groups, and to try to cast milk in the light of animal rights is misleading.”

For children over the age of one, she said, milk is a nutritious part of a daily diet. PETA has a history of creating ad campaigns that project half-truths and misconceptions about milk products just to further its political goal of animal rights, she added.

You don’t say.


Group’s anti-milk billboard gives wrong health message: expert: ‘We all know breast is best and cow’s milk is not for infants.’ Patti Edgar, The Ottawa Citizen, November 8, 2002.

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