Newkirk: "I openly hope" foot and mouth epidemic hits the United States

Quite a few people e-mailed me with links to an interview with People for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsIngrid Newkirk in which Newkirk was asked about the foot and mouth epidemic that has struck Europe. Newkirk told a reporter from Reuters,

If that hideousness came here, it wouldn’t be any more hideous for the animals — they are all bound for a ghastly death anyway. But it would wake up consumers…I openly hope that it comes here. It will bring economic harm only for those who profit from giving people heart attacks and giving animals a concentration camp-like existence. It would be good for animals, good for human health and good for the environment.

Such comments will, of course, help fuel speculation that animal rights extremists in Europe started the whole epidemic in the first place (speculation for which there is, at the moment, no evidence).

The other interesting part of the Reuters report was its description of PETA’s offices,

The PETA building looks and feels much like any corporate headquarters except for the dozens of dogs wandering around and sitting on special mattresses. Employees are encouraged to bring their pets to work. Many also take part in civil disobedience campaigns and boast long arrest records.

Odd from a group that maintains pets are a manmade abomination.


Animal rights leader hopes disease comes to U.S.. Alan Eisner, Reuters, April 2, 2001.

2 thoughts on “Newkirk: "I openly hope" foot and mouth epidemic hits the United States”

  1. Ingrid,

    I just finished watching a show on cable that presents your views on animal rights. I too love and appreciate every created creature on earth. I have 2 amazing Yorkies and support the well being of every animal under human care. I question though you’re belief system. In the cable show I’m now watching you admit to being an athiest, you can’t believe in a “loving God.” When the world is under attack on a human level, when communist athiest nations are persecuting people reguardless of what they believe but in China Christians are being killed on a massive level as in the middle east and Indo nations as well I’m just astonished that you could claim the same belief system that these murderous nations hold on to. But you say over and over throughout the show, “thank God, for this and thank God for that.” Why the double standard? For when people like you, athiest, run a muck the planet only goes to HELL. Yet when people as yourself see that it is MAN and not the Lord God Creator who is behind evil on earth and change, let the Lord into your heart, the world changes for the good. Believe me when I say this, as a believer in the Lord God almighty, Jesus Himself I go WAY out of my way to help not only the spider that makes its way into my place but the human being who’s starving, or in dispare due to drugs, alcohol or who’s oppressed by a violent family member or who’s lost a wife, husband or mom…dad. But hey, you go girl, keep supporting the anti christ movement, the homosexual agenda and all the poor animals who will never know the pain of losing a LOVED ONE! Unless of course it’s a DOVE, for the Lord created them to let us know and see how it is that we should only have ONE partner in life and that under the marrage of MAN & WOMAN for they are male & female. We should all learn lessons from God’s creation.

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