Let Andrew Stepanian Know What You Think of Him

Andrew Stepanian is an animal rights terrorist who was convicted of smashing the windows of a Long Island, New York, fur store. In typical activist faction, while he was awaiting sentencing Stepanian distributed a letter over the Internet calling on animal rights activists to engage in acts of violence and property destruction in solidarity with him (Andy Stepanian Whines About His Upcoming Sentencing).

Animal rights activists are now circulating an e-mail asking for people to write letters to Stepanian. According to the e-mail,

Thanks to your support, imprisoned activist Andrew Stepanian of the Long Island Animal Defense League has received over one hundred and fifty emailed letters, and numerous personally sent letters.

…By supporting Andy you support more than animal rights. You support our attempts to make free speech truly legal and to end the harassment and intimidation tactics the FBI uses.

Leaving aside the vandalism=free speech nonsense, why not send Andy Stepanian a letter telling him exactly how you feel about acts of terrorism? Letters to Stepanian should be sent to:

Andrew Stepanian 8/8/78
100 Center Dr.
Riverhead NY 11901

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