Anti-Huntingdon Protesters — Do As We Say, Not As We Do!

Seventeen anti-Huntingdon Life Sciences protesters were recently arrested by Middlesex County, New Jersey police for protesting at the home of an HLS employee. HLS had already sought and been granted a restraining order limiting the size of demonstrations at the homes of its employees.

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty issued its obligatory press release claiming the arrests were unlawful, hinted that such arrests would only lead to more violent actions, and in a bizarre twist complained that, “The Middlesex County Court and detention system has shown callous and corrupt behavior by denying detained elderly women their medications.”

Apparently the animal rights activists don’t see the contradiction in trying to stop animal research and then turning around and insisting that denying animal-tested medication is “callous and corrupt.”

On this point, however, I think we must defer to SHAC — those who would try to prevent people from obtaining lifesaving medicines are certainly “callous and corrupt,” with exhibit number one being the ignoramuses behind SHAC who are actively working to prevent important research on drugs that offer promising treatments for a number of diseases.

Shame on them.


(NJ) HLS 17 Jail Support Protest. Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, Press Release, July 14, 2001.

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