Wendy McElroy Rips the Violence Against Women Act

Nobody lays bare the idiocy of radical feminism than Wendy McElroy, and in her latest article, VAWA2: Gender Apartheid, she goes after the Violence Against Women Act which is about to expire, and is the subject of a good deal of debate among its supporters and critics.

McElroy reminds readers that the original VAWA contained a measure, since ruled unconstitutional, that attempted to cement the feminist notion of “gender apartheid” into the law. As McElroy writes, the case involved a woman who in 1995 alleged that she was raped in her dormitory room at Virginia Polytechnic Institute,

The accused men had been cleared by both a university judicial committee and a criminal grand jury. Although the evidence could not sustain a criminal charge, Brzonkala [the alleged victim] used the VAWA to bring a civil case against them in federal court. The advantages to feminists of using a civil court ot punish an alleged criminal wrong were clear: civil courts require only a preponderance of evidence (51%) rather than “beyond a reasonable doubt” (99%) to “convict.” Moreover, the standards and procedures are far looser in a civil proceeding. In short, the evidence required to ruin a man’s life was watered down to meet feminist requirements.

A very strong, but accurate, characterization of the VAWA. The underlying principle behind the VAWA, and the reason it should be rejected, is the elevating of crimes of violence to special categories, if and only if they are committed for reasons of gender. This odd, primarily because it ignores the fact that pretty much all crimes involve some discriminatory intent. It should not be surprising that male rapists choose women as targets for violent acts, for example, anymore than it is surprising that armed robbers choose banks and commercial enterprises as targets for their larceny.

The real discriminatory intent in all of this is the VAWA which funds enormous sums of money to fight violence against women even though, as McElroy points out, the level of real violence against women has been declining since the early 1990s and regardless of which year is chosen as a baseline, men, not women, are the overwhelming victims of violence (yet when was the last time you heard of a program designed to help men avoid, deal with or ameliorate the results of violent crime?)


VAWA2: Gender Apartheid. Wendy McElroy, LewRockwell.Com, October 9, 2000.

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