Sigh…Gore Won’t

Gore told CNN today that he’ll try to keep from sighing during Wednesday’s debate and he’ll try not to make so many factual errors.

Bush definitely has Gore on the ropes, but I question whether or not he can deliver the killing blow. After all, if Gore doesn’t act like such a jerk at the first debate, the big story is Bush’s hesitancy and his weak grasp on some of the issues.

One of the things I was surprised Bush didn’t go after Gore on was education. He should definitely do that Wednesday. Here in Michigan voters get to decide whether or not to approve a voucher initiative. The pro-voucher forces are running a clever campaign ad showing a minority student headed to a public school. Meanwhile a limousine drives by with flags on the hood and a child inside, and text is superimposed noting the percentage of Michigan legislators who send their kids to private schools.

Gore’s guilty of that — pushing public schools but sending his kid to an elite private school. Bush needs to clobber him with it because it reminds voters of one of the things they really hate about politicians — all that hypocrisy.

That, and just say something to get Gore sighing again, and Bush wins in November.

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