I Want to Download Software

The first time I paid for software online and downloaded the program to my hard drive rather than go to a store or wait for it to arrive via UPS, I thought it was an interesting novelty. Today I pretty much consider it a necessity.

I ran across a program today that I really wanted and was all set to pony up $60 for, only to realize I’d have to pay an additional shipping and handling fee and wait several days. Yuck. I hate waiting. I hate waiting so much that I left the company’s web site without placing an order.

There is some software that I need so badly I’ll put up with waiting for it to arrive by snail mail (or, as with some games, the file size is simply too large to accomodate downloading), but if it’s something I want but could probably live without, having to wait for UPS or whatever is typically a deal breaker.

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