Animal Rights Activists Suspected in UK Bomb Blast

On December 11 a man barely escaped with his life after a bomb planted near his van destroyed the vehicle shortly before he was to leave for work. At the moment, animal rights activists are the focus of police suspicion.

The man worked for an electrical firm that was subcontracted to work for a pharmaceutical firm, which the UK media reported was probably Astra Zeneca. The van was used to transport electrical workers to the pharmaceutical company.

London’s Daily Mail reported that the bomb, which was powerful enough to destroy windows in homes and other vehicles 100 feet away, was similar to devices previously used by animal rights activists. The Daily Mail quoted detective superintendent Michael Ward who said, “The suspicion is that it has come from animal rights activists and it was directed towards one company. The vehicle attacked was used by a sub-contractor working for a company which has attracted the interests of animal rights activists.”

Update: This case was later definitively proved not to have had any animal rights connection.


Bomb blast blamed on animal rights activists. David Wilkes, Daily Mail, December 12, 2000.

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