Food relief on its way to Sudan

In a Feb. 26 story the Associated Press reported
that the United Nations had resumed air drops of food to hungry refugees
in southwestern Sudan. The government of President Hassan el Bashir had
forbidden aid relief flights three weeks ago claiming such flights were
unsafe due to heavy fighting between government and rebel forces in the

The real problem, of course, is that El Bashir’s
government is slowly but surely losing the war in the South. Today rebels
fighting the government control more land than they have at any other
time in the 14-year-old civil war. The government’s policies against
Christians and animists in the South, to the point of allowing Christians
and animists to be sold into slavery.

The U.N. delivered over 46 tons of grain following
the lifting of the ban, and the World Food Program plans to deliver another
138 tons of corn and sorghum by the end of the week. It’s only a
start, however. Almost 4 million people may need assistance at a cost
of well over $100 million.

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