Video Game Characters Excel at Carrying Things

Vsauce has a nice look at the absurdities of video game inventories, noting a single GTA V character with all gun slots filled and with full ammo is essentially carrying about 800 pounds of gear:

I have to say, those GTA V characters are lightweights.

In Borderlands 2, a character can unlock a total of 43 weapon slots, and each of those slots could be filled with a rocket launcher. A real world equivalent weighs about 50 pounds, so a Borderlands 2 character with rocket launchers in every slot and full ammo is looking at carrying more than a ton of weaponry.

Hypercat Productions’ Borderlands 2 Weapon Props

Hypercat Productions makes and sells custom replicas including these nice looking Borderlands 2 replica weapons based on Nerf guns and toy darts (in the case of the Tediore pistol). The guns themselves as well as other replicas are available for purchase at Hypercat’s Etsy store.


Borderlands 2 - Tediore Pistol

Tediore Pistol (does not explode when thrown, however)


Borderlands 2 - Mad Moxxi

Mad Moxxi-style SMG


Borderlands 2- Maliwan

Maliwan Fervid Gospel

Would Life Be Meaningless Without Death?

The other day, I read several articles raging against the commonly repeated notion that ultimately it is death that gives our life meaning. Some of the articles were fairly good while others were mostly pseudo-philosphical nosense. None were anywhere near as succinct as the New U-Station from Borderlands 2.

If any idiot ever tells you that life would be meaningless without death, Hyperion recommends killing them.